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A business or company profile is a marketing document designed to catch the attention of and inform potential purchasers about your goods or services. It must be more than just an advertisement; it must provide a convincing argument of why a potential purchaser should deal with your business. It is important to write a good listing or presentation on your company.

Create a listing that actually sells your products or services!

Your listing’s title and description are your advertisement for the item you’re selling, an opportunity to inform and excite buyers. A good title, description and quality pictures provide a clear picture of your item and increase your chances that buyers will find and buy your item or contact you for more information.

Writing an effective title

  • Make a clear, compelling first impression by writing a great title for your item.
  • Use descriptive keywords to clearly and accurately convey what you’re selling.
  • Include the item’s brand name, artist, or designer.
  • Include item specifics. For example, include size, color, condition, and model number.
  • State exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.
  • Don’t use all caps.

Writing an informative description The description is your opportunity to provide buyers with more information about the item.

  • Be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar.
  • Organize information in paragraphs with similar information grouped together.
  • Start with the most important details that buyers need first, such as additional details about your item.
  • Include specific information like size, shape, color, age, manufacture methods, country of origin, company/author, and notable features or markings.
  • Combine your description with several good pictures and if possible technical data sheets.
  • Don’t repeat information provided in other sections of your listing.
  • Don’t include email addresses other links.

Create Your Listing


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