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International Marketing Developments in Building & Construction

The building/construction industry requires to adapt and evolve to new circumstances, and think differently about how projects and programmes are set up and delivered. For example, when it comes to cost performance one of the biggest opportunities for improvement lies in innovation, knowledge and capability deep within the supply chain, typically within the manufacturing, production and logistics areas. The past year has seen widespread economic and political change across the world. High levels of construction activity and skills shortages, along with the knock-on effects of commodity market volatility and economic slowdown in China, are already having a significant impact on the costs associated with constructing real estate. Overstretched – markets that experienced high levels of construction activity have been stretched by increasing costs driven by shortages of skilled labour and growing demand beyond what suppliers can deliver. These markets are mostly less volatile owing to their diversity and maturity, protecting against instability.
Is is clear—green building is growing across the globe. Twenty-eight percent of architects, engineers, contractors, building owners and building consultants around the world report that they are focusing their work on sustainable design and construction by doing at least 60% of their projects green, doubling from only 13% of them at this level in 2009. And looking forward, continued growth is also reported, nearly doubling again to 51% of firms reporting that they expect to be at high levels of green activity in just three years. The most notable part of the results are that this is not a trend localized to one part of the world or to developed countries. From 2012 to 2015, the number of firms anticipating that more than 60% of their work will be green:

■ More than triples in South Africa.

■ More than doubles in Germany, Norway and Brazil.

■ Grows between 33% and 68% in the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

The reason for this growth is that green is becoming a business opportunity in an increasingly competitive global market-place.


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