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ABC provides an unique service for small to medium sized companies that do not have the financial nor the organizational resources to carry out in depth market research of the many different export markets, to attract and to appoint trading, licensing, franchising partners and so on.

ABC provides low cost and effective market development services including:

  • evaluation of export potential of your products and or services, finding those export markets most potential for your products and or services
  • evaluation of most appropriate marketing method, i.e. foreign distribution network vs. the creation of your own independent marketing network, agents vs. branch offices, licensing vs. foreign sourcing etc.
  • evaluation of local market requirements for instance relative to product specifications, packaging, transport, payment, contracts etc.
  • search, recruitment, for suitable agents-distributors-manufacturer’s reps, their appointment, contractual arrangements, and continued management
  • planning and execution of market entry (following the above action points)
  • sales and marketing management of your foreign sales organization
  • search for and appointment of suitable foreign licensing partners, contractual and management services
  • search for suitable manufacturers, sources of supply, from export markets, of competitive and quality products, pre-shipment quality control in most areas of the world, China etc.
  • representation, agency, distribution, services

Start selling your products or services abroad today
To succeed at developing international markets, companies should take the same planned approach that they would take to develop their domestic business. This involves assuring the customer that their products meet the needs of the market, are competitively priced, and are distributed in a manner that best suits the specific market.

Using ABC Sales & Marketing Services enables companies to enter international markets in a professional manner without having to develop business capabilities to do so in-house.

ABC Sales & Marketing Services give the security of working with up-to-date information, professional people world-wide with decades of experience with the development of markets all over the world. With ABC Sales & Marketing Services companies can enter new markets quickly, with quality distribution, and with the knowledge that their products have a good chance of being accepted by the market.

In addition to the knowledge and experience of the employees and partners of the company, our affiliated associates around the world will bring local knowledge of business practice to the understanding of the market and selection of distribution.

ABC Sales & Marketing Services offers those companies interested in international markets and which have not successfully been able to develop this part of their business the opportunity to enter world-wide markets also. By helping these companies, ABC does not only bring success to its employees and shareholders, but helps economies, develops more jobs, and shrinks trade deficits.