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The marketing potential of Metals & Minerals

August 30, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News,Entering New Markets,Marketing Your Company,Export Marketing

The marketing potential of Metals & Minerals

Metals & Minerals

The metals and mining industry comprises six sub-categories: Aluminum, Gold, Precious Metals, Other Metal Extraction, Coal mining and Steel. The largest segment of the global metals market is iron and steel followed by aluminum. The iron and steel segment comprises of more than half the industry in terms of volume. Regionally Asia-Pacific is the largest market for metals and mining, followed by Europe. The metals and mining sector find end-use in industries such as automobiles and consumer durables that rely upon this industry for the raw materials with which they create their familiar everyday products, computers in particular require aluminum, steel and precious metals in their production. For these reasons demand for a broad range of different types of product translates into demand for the products produced in this industry – sustaining it in even the harshest economic climates.

The industry is therefore also highly cyclical, and has been negatively affected by the global downturn of the past few years. The industry is highly affected by fluctuations in its largest segment, steel (which accounts for over 60% of the market’s value), which has been strongly affected by the continuing global economic downturn, and in turn has adversely affected the metals and mining market. Chronic overproduction is a problem in several sectors, especially the beleaguered steel manufacturing industry.

The overall outlook for the global metals and mining industry remains positive with the recovery in global economic conditions. Developed regions like US and Europe are showing signs of uptake in industrial output and economic revival. Emerging regions like Asia-Pacific are fueling demand as industrial output increases to satisfy latent demand.

The gold industry has been boosted by the recent recession. Although the general outlook is positive, the competitive landscape differs across the sectors of the precious metals & minerals sub-industry. The gemstone sector is more susceptible to economic change than gold and is characterized by smaller producers. The diamond industry by contrast is highly consolidated, but has come under ethical pressure recently because of alleged links with African warlords.

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